What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Today’s most used and creative technique to gain more traffic o your website is SEO. SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. The primary motive of the doing SEO of any website is to drive more visits to your website to increase your sale.

SEO: An Overview

With the Digitalize, both small and large business makes their online presence. So Google floods with thousands of website in a particular niche. Due to this being on the front page become very challenging for every business. So, SEO plays a very crucial role in improving ranking of your website.

The art of doing the effective SEO lies that how effectively you understand the behavior of your user, how people search for that particular service or product? What result Google wants to show the users. A SEO specialist has to put so much effort to satisfy the Google. In short, SEO is using of tools to convince the search engine to rank your website high.

Proper Risk Management

There is lots of risk associated with the Optimization of your website. A Good SEO specialist is fully aware with these risks and also knows how to deal with them effectively. There are some set of rules that a specialist have to followed or have to ignored to get the desired results.

Google Ranking are in Constant Ever-Flux

Due to huge competition, every business trying their hard to get the top ranking. So under this scenario, Google keep moving the goalposts and modifying the rules as well as keep raising the quality standards for pages that compete to get a top ranking.

Moreover, Google is very secretive about its changes but offers advice time to time which sometime proves helpful or sometime bit vague. Some feels the advice is misguiding. But the only thng Google want is the high quality websites.

Reliability, Authority and Quality

Three foundation of a great SEO is Reliability, Authority and Quality. Web Page Optimization is all about making a website relevant and trusted enough that search engine nothing to question your quality and place your website in Top Results.

The most important way to make your website more trustworthy is to avoid Black hat techniques. Once Google come to know about your illegal activity than it can punish you. As a penalty it can mark your website as a spam and the penalty could last years.



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