Town Hall: Everything you should know about this new feature of Facebook

Town Hall: Everything you should know about this new feature of Facebook

Facebook just launched a new feature and named it Town Hall. The new feature let you follow and reach out your elected representatives.

The  feature is launched through a Facebook Post claiming that the more users engage in the political process, the more they can ensure that their values are reflected through their elected officials.

“This is an important part of feeling connected to your community and your democracy, and it’s something we’re increasingly focused on at Facebook,” Zuckerberg added,

The Town Hall tool features connections to state and federal officials, along with the local elected officials for the 150 biggest cities in the United States. A spokesman for Facebook said that the company is looking to add more cities to the list.

The feature is also integrated into the News Feed, with users being given the option to contact an elected official after they like or comment on a post by that representative.

The Town Hall tab is now available for all desktop and mobile versions of the social network on the Settings pages on apps or on the dedicated URL for web users.

Upon accessing the Town Hall tool, users will be asked to enter their address, with the note that Facebook will not share the address that the user will input for privacy purposes. Upon entering the information, the representatives of the district covering the said address will appear.

The representatives that will be displayed in the list will have two buttons beside them, namely Follow and Contact. Users will be able to follow the Facebook posts of their selected officials or can tap the blue Follow All button at the top to follow them all with one click. Users who will have a message to send to certain officials can do so through the Contact button, the tapping of which would give them choices of either making a call, sending a message, writing an email, or visiting that official’s page. Messages initiated through the tool will be sent through Facebook’s Messenger app.


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