Three Off-Duty First Responders Save Dog on Christmas

Three Off-Duty First Responders Save Dog on Christmas

Early Christmas morning in North Carolina, a WakeMed paramedic by the name Justin Nalley after finishing his overnight shift was making his way home when he came across an injured dog. Upon examining the dog – who was lying in the middle of the interstate- he realized the dog was still breathing but desperately in need of medical attention.

Inadvertently, Michael Lindsey and Capt. Mike Chorney from the Morrisville fire department were also making their way home after finishing their shift when they noticed Nalley pull over. Instinctively the two fire fighters also pulled over in a bid to provide assistance.

Three Off-Duty First Responders Save Dog on Christmas

The first responders rushed the dog to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Raleigh where emergency veterinarian Curtis Ostrom attended to the dog. According to Ostrom, if the first responders hadn’t acted as quickly as they did in taking the dog to the veterinary hospital the dog would not have made it.

At the Veterinary Specialty Hospital, the Australian cattle dog was given the name Cora.

As for the modest first responders when asked if they thought their efforts were heroic, they humbly answered that it was all in a day’s work. According to Nalley, what he and his fellow first responders did was not so much an act of heroism, but he termed it as something they do nearly every day of their lives to the point is was second nature to them. According to Chorney, it’s just not right to drive by a dog lying in the middle of the road injured.

According to the Veterinarian who catered to Cora’s injuries, the four year old dog had sustained internal bleeding after getting hit; however, she was recovering fairly well. Ostrom also added that the dog was pretty strong and that most of her injuries had already stabilized. At the moment the only thing pending to heal were her cuts and abrasions.


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