SpaceX Landing Is a ‘Feat’, but Not a Game-Changer: Expert

A day after SpaceX pulled off an upright landing of its powerful Falcon 9 rocket, the head of France’s space agency called it a “technological feat” but warned of more…

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China Develops ‘Darwin’ Neural Processing Unit

Chinese researchers have developed “Darwin” – a new age information chip that will help run complex intelligent algorithms on small devices in the era of “Internet of Things”. Artificial Neural…

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Celebrity Chefs Create Christmas Delights for ISS Astronauts

Michelin-starred chefs are vying to create Christmas delights for astronauts spending the festive season 400 kilometres away from Earth and their families. The latest in the pack is London celebrity…

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Electronic Toys May Hamper Language Development in Kids: Study

Parents, take note! Playing with books and traditional toys such as wooden puzzles may be better for language development in kids than expensive electronic toys that produce words and songs,…

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3D-Printed Liver Tissue Developed, Claims Indian Firm

A Bengaluru-based biotechnology start-up has developed a 3D-printed tissue that functions like a human liver and can one day be used for full-fledged liver transplants, according to the developers. The…

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