Lost, long overdue Yellowknife library books returned from…Toronto?

Lost, long overdue Yellowknife library books returned from…Toronto?

Long Overdue Yellowknife Library Books Returned from Toronto

Books mysteriously appear in the drop boxes of Yellowknife and Toronto Public Libraries.

Yellowknife assistant librarian Katy Harmer was surprised to receive a package of 5 Sidney Sheldon books last week from the Toronto Public Library. They were already overdue since they had to be returned in December 2014. Somehow, the books had travelled all the way to Toronto accidentally instead of landing at the Yellowknife Public Library shelves. What was funny was that Harmer had just returned a book to the Toronto Public Library that had accidentally made it to the drop box of Yellowknife Public Library. It was a very interesting mix up!

Lost, long overdue Yellowknife library books returned from...Toronto?

Harmer had sent the book back to Toronto along with a post-it featuring a small note about the accidental delivery of the book.

“It makes you realize that there are people on either end of these books. It’s not just books going here and there but librarians all over the country doing the same work,” said Harmer.

Accidents like that happen all the time. Harmer recently sent a book back to a school in Alberta and so the student didn’t have to pay the fine.

Elizabeth Lee at the Toronto Public Library says that she sends misplaced books back all the time to other libraries.

Lee and Harmer agree that it’s their job to see that the books ultimately land at their proper place.


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