Is Domain Age An Important Google Ranking Factor?

Is Domain Age An Important Google Ranking Factor?

Importance of Google Ranking Factor

You may already know that Google uses about many ranking factors in their algorithm…Another articles

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If you ask this question from me. Then I will answer it “No”

Having a decade old domain name is equal to the one-month new domain if Google knows nothing about that website.

In the same words, if a year old website has more authoritative backlinks than a 10-year-old website than, Google would like to rank the former (one-year-old) one.

Domain Age role:-

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There is a minimum amount of dispute mater about exactly how important domain age is to your ability to rank high, but testing and experience by SEO professionals paints a high quality (clear) picture that an older domain age competes for rankings a better. In fact, Google has even stepped forward to tell us a little bit about the importance of domain age, though as usual, they’re still holding their cards close to their chest.

The basics of what we know very well:

Domain age is a factor in describing Google rankings, and a part of our SEO techniques.

Sites are seriously little value for the first few months after Google first discovers them. Nowadays, it has become very challenging to rank well for competitive terms in those first few months. In fact, some SEO professionals simply won’t interested work with brand new domains.

According to Google (Google Ranking), the difference between a domain that’s 6 months old and 12 months old is very small. But, Value of old domain is greater than new.

So, it means that new domain has less power than old and old domain has lager domain authority. Moreover, it is the powerful tool for any new business (old domain).

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