Google Adwords Course in Patiala

Google Adwords Course in Patiala

Google AdWords course

About Google AdWords course

Google AdWords Course at EasyWebPlans Company and PIIM Institute is an advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) course. The course will complete in two months duration. At Our Company, students will get advance training in various. Moreover, In Google AdWords, enable them to attract more customers, how to reach people at the right time, advertising locally and globally etc.


Google AdWord Course includes design of essential promotional materials using AdWords account creation, keyword planning for AdWords, HTML5 and CSS3, Photoshop, creation of campaigns, tracking and performance, creation of first as well as foremost search campaign, AdWords assessment, looking at the quality score, Google AdWords assessment, analysis of reports etc. Moreover, Our other courses are very important for students. If you want to read them then Click Here…Website

Duration of course: Almost 2 Months

Eligibility to Join This Course

Firstly, Candidate must have good knowledge of basic of computer and surfing of internet as well as Knowledge of website designing tools. As a result, It would be an added advantage in future time.

Modules of Course: (topics of this course and also content)

Getting to Know AdWords
  • Explaining another online advertising
  • Understanding pay-per-click advertising
  • Benefits of AdWords for a business
  • Understanding AdWords advertisements types as well as Understanding Google’s network
Know About Landing Page
  • What is a Landing Page?
  • Importance of Landing Page
  • Types of Landing Pages
  • Does Landing Page matters for AdWords?
  • Planning a Landing Page
  • Create Landing Page using Photoshop, HTML, and CSS
Getting Started
  • Creating your account
  • Exploring the AdWords account structure
  • Managing campaigns as well as ad groups
  • Exploring the AdWords’ interface
Researching Keywords for AdWords Campaigns
  • What is keyword research
  • Understanding keyword match types
  • Using negative keywords in AdWords
  • Evaluating a keyword
  • Using the Keyword Planner tool
due to Creation of Your First Search Campaign
  • Creating a new campaign
  • Targeting locations and languages
  • Setting your bidding strategy and budget
  • Setting your delivery as well as advanced settings
  • Using ad extensions in Google AdWords
Creating Your First Ad Group
  • How to write effective text ads
  • Creating an ad group in Google AdWords
  • Working with additional ad groups
  • Using bid adjustments
Since Looking at Quality Score
  • Understanding the AdWords auction
  • Understanding Quality Score as well as Identifying Quality Score issues
  • Improving Quality Score
Therefore Tracking Ad Performance
  • Defining conversions for your campaigns
  • Using AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • Installing Conversion Tracking code
  • Google Analytics to AdWords Linking
Performance Optimization
  • Measuring return on investment (ROI)
  • Enabling and finding conversion metrics
  • Using the Conversion Optimizer
  • Testing your ads with split tests
  • Understanding the balance between performance as well as volume

Using Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns 

  • Understanding remarketing in AdWords
  • Creating a remarketing list as well as Using display formats
  • Creating a remarketing campaign
  • Leveraging Video Advertising

Which field are you interested?

  • Designing of Image Advertisements
  • Animated Advertisements in GIF
  • Another Landing Pages using Adobe Photoshop, HTML, and CSS
  • Interface of Google AdWords as well as Editor
  • Creation of Ad Groups Campaigns Finally and also select Keywords Selection
  • Settings and Audiences as well as Auto Targets
  • Segments and Filters in AdWords
  • AdWords’ Tools also Opportunities Features
  • Payments and other Issues etc

After completing, you can Opt your job field: 

For example, Google AdWords Executive, Google AdWords Professional, Emailer Designer, PPC Expert, Newsletter Designer, Landing Page Designer etc.

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