George Galloway signs deal to write books for children

George Galloway signs deal to write books for children

Scots politician George Galloway has signed a deal to write a series of children’s books.

The former Labour and Respect MP made the announcement on Twitter, with the first novel to be published later this year.

The 62-year-old firebrand is already the author of three books, autobiography I’m Not the Only One, Mr Galloway Goes to Washington and Fidel Castro Handbook.

This venture will take him into the genre of children’s novels for the first time and the series will be entitled Red Molucca the Good Pirate.

“He has spent a lot of time in Manchester and even if he doesn’t stand I’m sure he will be campaigning there.”

Galloway – originally a Labour MP before setting up his own party, Respect – confirmed he would be remaining in Manchester over the weekend.

In recent days his tweets and Facebook posts sparked speculation that he was preparing to stand. He has been seen out and about in both Rusholme and Levenshulme since last weekend. He also published a blog post for the site Westmonster about Labour’s Gorton selection process – in which he paid tribute to Kaufman and underlined his own personal ties to Manchester.

Galloway denied rumours of an electoral pact that he would only stand if North West MEP Afzal Khan was not selected for Labour – saying that was “untrue” and adding that he had never met him.

His potential candidacy will increase jitters within the local Labour party. So far more than half a dozen candidates have confirmed they will stand, with seven expected to attend a Unite hustings in the city on Friday evening.

Khan is considered the frontrunner by many in Labour’s selection process, which has now begun in earnest. This morning he also secured the backing of two trade unions, the CWU and the GMB.

Soon after Khan declared his intentions earlier this week he was followed by Manchester councillors Julie Reid and Mike Amesbury.


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