Forty-Three Dead Across 7 States Due to Tornadoes, Flooding and Storms

Forty-Three Dead Across 7 States Due to Tornadoes, Flooding and Storms

Across 7 states, almost forty-two people are dead because of this weather and included storms in Texas and floods in Illinois.

In some of the United States, the heavy storm killed about 5 people, said the Marion County, Illinois, Sheriff’s Office

The incidents of floods, caused death of 8 people in central Missouri, officials said.

Due to heavy rain, the emergency has to declare by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon.

43 Dead Across 7 States After Week of Devastating Tornadoes, Flooding and Storms

In Alabama, 2 people are dead, ten deaths reported in Missouri, 1 death in Arkansas and 6 deaths in Tennessee.

In Texas, in Dallas, many buildings and homes are destroyed and eleven people died due to strong tornadoes and dozens sent to the hospital.

8 people died in Garland around Dallas when an EF-4 storm took place said by the National Weather Service Fort Worth survey team. EF-4 tornados brought forceful wind over 165 mph.

Police said that 3 more people died in Collin County.

The tornado of Garland has also struck the neighboring town of Rowlett, with winds of over 135 mph that is EF-3, in the words of the NWS Fort Worth survey team.

Brian Funderburk, City Manager said that 23 people injured and thirty-nine homes had destroyed completely. And six thousand homes lost the power cut.



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