Flooding ‘worst in 50 years’, as 150,000 flee in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay

The areas of Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay had hit by a flood that is the worst in fifty years. The flood caused the death of more than 150,000 people.

Heavy rains brought by El Nino made the 3 rivers to go beyond control and 6 weather concerned deaths had reported by the authorities.

Among the four, Paraguay is the most hit nations, about 130,000 homes fled over there and emergency has to force there.

Around twenty thousand people left their places in the northern Argentina, some 20,000. The forecasting of weather in lieu of Uruguay-Brazil is that there will prevail dry weather in the border region for some couple of days. But in Argentina and in Paraguay, the level of water is yet supposed to rise.

Flooding 'worst in 50 years', as 150,000 flee in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

The river Paraguay, in the Asuncion, is almost thirty cm left from raising its banks. Officials said that this would cause a heavy flood in the area. It could affect the nearby people’s lives as it is the main river of the country.

The strong storms had destroyed more than two hundred pylons of electricity, so power has cut there. 4 people declared dead by uproot trees.

Horacio Cartes, the President said that £2.3m ($3.5m) amount will pour in relief funds for the affected people.



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