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Email services is the way where send and receive any data from email id with encryption and decryption form of messages. Mailbox provider is providing authorization to users to handle their mailbox. People can delete any mail from the inbox.

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Gmail is the best in giving memory to users which is totally free of cost. The user needs to create an account on Gmail website like Mostly people use it for professional work. It is worldwide famous.Moreover, It is in globalization which every person attached to it. Various type of email providers is not free of cost. But only google account is free of all type of virus and malware. Because it is maintained by Google. It is implemented by SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol), providing access through Internet Message Access Protocol, the Post Office Protocol, Webmail, or a proprietary protocol. In addition to, The virus is filtered through a firewall of windows and Google authentication is responsible for virus filtering from an incoming message and outgoing message.

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Types of Mail provider

  1. ISP based email
  2. Free mail provider
  3. Premium email services
  4. Vanity mail

ISP based email

Internet service provider (ISP) provides services using the internet and accessing the internet. ISP is organized in various forms, such as community-owned, commercial, non-profit, or otherwise privately owned.

Free mail provider

Examples of free mail providers with memory such as Yahoo, Gmail,, and Mail. Many webmail providers also offer email access through a desktop email client using standard email protocols, while many it provides a webmail client as part of the email service included in their internet service package.

Premium email services

It is a marketing term used by for-profit email services, many free email services are supported by advertising revenue. This service may charge a fee for removing advertising from the service and may have increased storage and other features, such as virus scanning and backup recovery. Premium service needs of the professional business segment, which is not maintained the email server.

Vanity mail

It is also possible to run a shim service, providing no access but just forwarding all messages to another

Account, which does not lend itself to direct use, for example, because it is temporary or just less


Types of email services

  • Yandex mail
  • Outlook Mail
  • Gmail
  • Proton Mail
  • AOL Mail /AIM Mail
  • ICloud Mail
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • and GMX Mail

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Yandex mail

Yandex. Mail is a full and usable email experience with mobile apps, web access, IMAP as well as POP access.It provides unlimited storage. You can use any mobile applications like iOS and Android with help of Yandex.Mail because it is in your hands (mobiles, palmtops).

Email handling, messages templates is a very efficient way of Yandex.mail.If you unable to receive any reply then It leaves the reminder for non-reply.

Outlook Mail

Outlook mail is only used on the web. It is also rich email and access via exchange ActiveSync which includes to-items, calendars, and contacts, as well as POP, IMAP. You keep your email inbox trimmed and filter itself. It provides online unlimited storage.


Gmail is Google’s intention to email and messaging. It means that collecting a number of emails (with limited storage), then it provides static inbox messages. We can check any message according to our need.

Many mobile apps are needed Gmail login is needed for some mobile applications (downloading any type of apps)

Proton Mail

It has many features that depend on email contents and it is a very difficult for proton mail.Because

In this all memory place where email exists in their decrypted form. So, no one can easily understand

Information of any email message. In the cryptographic process, automatically you can set expire email.

AOL Mail /AIM Mail

AOL Mail, AOL’s free web-based email service, having unlimited online storage, excellent spam

Protection and simple way to use web interface. Every work manner is in quite straightforward and design of mail is amazing. Moreover, AOL Mail weak in Productivity. Its interface has no labels, for example, no message threading, no smart folders. Also has IMAP and POP access.

AIM Mail is almost same as AOL Mail but good spam protection, rich, easy to use interface.

It also has POP and IMAP access as well as integrates chat as well as social networking services.

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is also free to email service for Apple( I phone device and MAC Computers ) with enough storage memory, IMAP access. It is free from virus along with POP access is not possible for icloud Mail.

Yahoo! Mail

It is a more honored email service. It included unlimited storage (custom folders, filters use for automatically file emails in them), and show additional features at the time of yahoo mail login. Furthermore, email providers are very useful where website home has new updates (Like news, entertainment, online games and other updates) is always running at a time of sign in. and GMX Mail and GMX Mail are authentic, email services for messages (GMX Mail only). which are filter all viruses? Unlimited online storage is available in it and POP and IMAP access is possible through paid Add-on.

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Best Email Services in Patiala, Punjab

Email services


Free email services is also known as electronic mail process. People will easily understand all concepts of email services after reading full paragraph. It gives us unlimited storage, effective spam filtering, productive web interface and a fast access through a personal computer and mobile email programs and more. If you want to get secure email access to free memory then create Gmail account. It is safe and secure.

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