CNN Sets TV Debut of BASE-Jumping Doc ‘Sunshine Superman’ (Exclusive)

CNN Sets TV Debut of BASE-Jumping Doc ‘Sunshine Superman’ (Exclusive)

At the International Film Festival, Toronto, “the father of BASE jumping” had its film premiere documentary worldwide.

“Sunshine Superman,” a following documentary of “the father of BASE jumping” will become a premiere television on CNN in the coming month, by Carl Boenish, TheWrap has learned.

Jan. 17 has set for the network of news, timing will be at 9 p.m. ET and again at midnight for the documentary’s initial broadcasts, which as TV distributors acquired by CNN Films amid its debut at the International Film Festival Toronto earlier this year.


North American Pictures, Magnolia was theatrical distributor this year, with rights holding by CNN Films for 2016.

The film will become available at, on desktop streaming as well as on Apple TV,iPad, Roku, and across mobile platforms of CNN.

Next to the broadcast premiere, it’s expected that the film will On Demand for 7 days through CNNgo.

“BASE,” stands for building, antenna, span, and earth — the many objects from which Carl and his friends would jump, the acronym’s coining assisted by Boenish.


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