Affiliate Marketing Course in Patiala

Affiliate Marketing Course in Patiala

Affiliate Marketing Course in Patiala

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process which works between publisher and advertiser, advertiser offers a commission for every sale they generate through publishers referral links. Moreover, Publishers are blog and website owners, they write about the products and provide their opinion about things that they provide.

There are various ways to attract the customers and convert them to successfully lead to buying those products through your referral link and get employed. As a result, Many time Affiliate marketing origination sharing depends on CPS (Cost Per Sale) or CPA (Cost Per Action).

affiliate marketing course

About Our Company

In Easywebplans Company, Affiliate marketing course is on demand that is for starting second income with your regular work.Majority of people want to join MNC company For highest earning.

Therefore, You will get a job in the field of affiliate network companies. It’s a module of advanced digital marketing course in which you learn how it’s work and help publishers and advertisers.

Basically, it’s divided into two parts, one for people who are looking to earning money through affiliate marketing and another for people who are looking for a job in this field.

Our PIIM Institute is providing best training to students. Moreover, our trainers make the career of learner and You can search any course our PIIM website.


Affiliate Marketing Course Content

  • Introductions about basics of course
  • Introducing the affiliate network dashboard
  • Blogging for affiliate earning
  • Using affiliate tools, links, as well as banners
  • Payment procedure and thresholds in affiliate network and many more things
  • Top affiliate marketing networks in India
  • All earning methods and their outcomes
  • CMS and Frameworks for earning with online portals
  • Importance of digital marketing skills for good affiliate earning

Detail of Course Content

  • Manage affiliates including their performance as well as issues
  • Daily check-up of leads and their quality
  • Coordinates with affiliates for all updates, issues, and query
  • Build strong relationship with top advertisers and publishers
  • Increase the number of affiliates to join your company network
  • Maintain content of company through affiliate forms
  • Maintain or follow advertisers for higher commissions
  • Keep updated with new trends for affiliate marketing as well as competitors approach
  • Track and reporting of fraud clicks and sales
  • Maintain daily and monthly reporting of advertisers and publishers reporting of leads, quality, and payments.

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